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Visual Studio 2008 SP1 kein Slipstream

Gemäss Aussage von Microsoft kann Slipstream  von SP1 für Visual Studio 2008 nicht verwendet werden.

We will not support a slipstreamed install for VS 2008 except for Active Directory Deployment. This is where all products are expanded, patches are applied to them, and then those updated products are configured for deployment over Active Directory.

If you want to save space while installing the patches, you can disable the patch baseline cache by setting the MaxPatchCacheSize policy to 0 as described at in the section entitled "Baseline cache for patching and patch removal". After changing the registry value data, stop the Windows Installer service from an elevated command prompt like so:

net stop msiserver

(It's okay if it reports that it wasn't started.)

Please note this will mean you'll get prompts for source when attempting to uninstall SP1.

After installing SP1 you should delete this registry value (or restore it to its previously value if it was already defined) or you will adversely affect all other Windows Installer-installed products. You can find an example of this in my recommendation for VS 2005 SP1 at


If this per-machine system policy is set to a value greater than 0, Windows Installer saves older versions of files in a cache when a patch is applied to an application. Caching can increase the performance of future installations that otherwise need to obtain the old files from a original application source.

The value of the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is the maximum percentage of disk space that the installer can use for the cache of old files. For example, a value of 20 specifies no more than 20% be used. If the total size of the cache reaches the specified percentage of disk space, no additional files are saved to the cache. The policy does not affect files that have already been saved.

If the value of the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is set to 0, no additional files are saved.

If the MaxPatchCacheSize policy is not set, the default value is 10 and a maximum of 10% of the disk space can be used to save old files.

Windows Installer 2.0:  Not supported. The MaxPatchCacheSize policy is available beginning with Windows Installer 3.0.

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